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Samedi 21 Septembre 2019
Feodal et civilisation : coupe de tresse

Feodal et civilisation : coupe de tresse

Laurette théâtre (ex Funambule - grande salle), Avignon

Feudal and civilization : braid cutting

A la fin du XIXeme siecle de Hong Kong, un jeune homme tente l'impossible de faire couper sa tresse sous le systeme feodal. A story about a young man who wondered to cut his braid under the feudal system in the late 19th century of Hong Kong.

At the end of the nineteenth century, in the backyard of a mansion in Hong Kong… The young master Wing Cheung hope for an interview of the Western Medical School. However, he faces his father with feudal thoughts. He tries to do everything possible to cut his braid.

Good Try Theatre was established by a group of drama lovers in May 2011. "House of 72 Tenants (Excerpt)", original local drama"Lucky restaurant pay double if only drink", 'Feudal and Civilization :Cut Braided Story", "Father biography", "My Career Path", "After ten months" and "Mother" were some memorable mentions in their performance history. Since the establishment of Good Try Theatre, the members have been working closely with the well-known Chung Ying Theatre Company in Hong Kong, with the assistance of Chung Ying Theatre, they have not only received comprehensive training and different sort of technical supports on drama performance, but also gained a plenty of opportunities to perform in the community. These valuable experiences equipped them with different skill sets including but not limited to organizing skills, performing skills and handing routine administrative task.
Avec Yeung Chi Fai, Lau Fook Lay, Cheng Lai Mui, Au Lai Kuen Sandra, Chan Yim Yee, Lai Choi Tai
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Yeung Chi Fai, Lau Fook Lay, Cheng Lai Mui, Au Lai Kuen Sandra, Chan Yim Yee, Lai Choi Tai

Good Try Theatre

Mise en scène:
Good Try Theatre


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Tout public

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Lieu :
Laurette théâtre (ex Funambule - grande salle)
14 rue Plaisance - 16-18 rue Joseph Vernet - Place Crillon
Avignon, France

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