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Samedi 11 Juillet 2020
Des Jours en poisson

Des Jours en poisson


Un poisson qui portait un masque à oxygène et marchait sur la terre ferme. A fish who wore an oxygen mask and walked on Land.

May et Ronald demande “Est-ce tu m’aimes ?” En cherchant la réponse elle détruit sa vie. C’est une question qui donne le malheur au gens. Enfin elle enlève son masque d’oxygène et marche à l’extérieur du monde des rêves. Elle comprend qu’il faut continuer à vivre nos vies.
Before May and Ronald decode the answer "Do people love me?", they felt isolate because their home is no way out. It was very hard to think of other people when they were wrapped in a prickly blanket of sadness and all they can think of were her own pain. In the process of seeking the answer, they hesitated not to give up all dreams. They didn't aware that this act was destroying their life. After overcoming the tsunami by tears and the bombing by baby's cries, they clarified that "Do people love me?" is not a question. It is instead; signify of people lack of confidence. May and Ronald know that this question is torturing them and others. At the end, they took off their oxygen tent and step out from living in her own dream. May and Ronald understand that 'We have to keep going even there is depression.'

Avec May Yu-Suk Mei, Lam Tsz Kit Ronald
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May Yu-Suk Mei, Lam Tsz Kit Ronald

Poe Wong

Mise en scène:
May Yu-Suk Mei


Type de public:
Tout public

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Lieu :
14 rue Plaisance - 16-18 rue Joseph Vernet - Place Crillon
Avignon, France

à l'affiche
A noter:

Le spectacle version May les LUNDI, JEUDI, DIMANCHE à 14h25 et 18h35 + chaque SAMEDI à 14h25 / Le spectacle version Ronald les MARDI, MERCREDI, VENDREDI à 14h25 et 18h35 + chaque SAMEDI à 18h35

About May Yu-Suk Mei May completed the Master of Fine Art in Drama, major in drama education in the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts on 2013. In her postgraduate study, she obtained the HKAUW Phyllis Lusher Postgraduate Scholarship. In 2008 she as the Assistant Producer of the TV Programme [Mulan] by RTHK has obtained Honorable Mention in the 56th Columbus International Film + Video Festival. And as the producer of Film [Yat Dor] which directed by Wu Ka Lok Screened in The 3rd Fresh Wave Film & The 32nd Hong Kong International Film Festival. She also as a speaker shared her experience of ‘Art in community’ and ‘Art for special need people’ in Paris, Macau and Hong Kong. Her Article was published on TEFO zine and The House News . About Lam Tsz Kit Ronald Currently as a freelance actor, TV host, drama and mime tutors from Hong Kong. Graduated from the school of Drama in The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, with the Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honors) Degree, major in Acting. During his studies, Lam played the leading role in The Taming of the Shrew, who was awarded the Outstanding Actor Award and the Scholarship of Acting Performance Award. He was received the Walt Disney Scholarship and the HSBC Foundation Scholarship. His recent works include: We Draman Sound of the City(mime show), Life in Hong Kong(mime show), The Woman in Black, Chronicle of a Blood Merchant(Hong Kong & China tour), Genesis, Alive in the Mortuary (re-run), Messiah, Pains of Youth etc; International Arts Carnival 2016: Pop Theatre Romeo & Juliet with Red Noses; The 10th Chinese Drama Festival: Drama Gallery Nitehawk; Alice Theatre Laboratory Once The Muse Speaks; Trinity Theatre TeleLove, Full Moon Love; Jackson x Hatou Upcycle Me; PIP Theatre MicroSex Office; Hong Kong Repertory Theatre The Soongs: By Dream Betrayed, Secrets of The 8 1/2th Floor, Boundless Movement, Dr. Faustus; Hong Kong Theatre Works Julius Caesar; Theatre Noir These Childish Things(One man show); Perry Chiu Experimental Theatre Record of a Golden Lock(China tour); Hong Kong Federation of Drama Societies Still Thinking; Class 7A Drama Group Limited The Chalk Circle in China; Chan Kui x Ronald Physical Exploration Jukinglization(movement show) etc. Besides performance, Lam also focus on drama, movement and mime education with various age group and organizations for promoting and developing performing arts to social. The organizations include: Leisure and Cultural Services Department, International Arts Carnival, The Boys' & Girls' Clubs Association of Hong Kong, Arts with the Disabled Association Hong Kong etc. About I Am Artist Management Each era, each city and community, was started off and evolved from myriads of stories. Art is like a mirror. It reflects lives, thoughts, senses, creativity and feelings. Where there is art, where individuals, groups, communities, cultural ecologies, identities, being and introspection of values become conspicuous. Art links with the society in anytime and anywhere. Art plays an important role in promoting civilization and creativity. I Am Artist Management Ltd. was established in 2014. It is committed to bridging between arts and artists, and the society. With art as a medium, the company creates a channel weaving strangers like you and me, and guiding artists from different genres and countries through your region and walk into your lives. It is a project about making conversation with different cultures, via arts. Let artists define the society. I Am Artist Management Ltd. is now calling out local and overseas artists coming to Hong Kong, China or other countries to do art exchanges. These exchange activities include dramas, movies, multi-media installation, music, dancing, community art, etc.

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